youngdumblovers - Freckles

Can’t keep up with the YDL output! Freckles is another dope offering from Ed Scissor and Greenwood Sharps aka the youngdumblovers. A conversational rap over a minimalist backing for a love song devoted to a companion. The argument is to not cover up your freckles and potentially chill inside where the sun doesn’t permeate.

Written and performed by: youngdumblovers


you said feelings are freckles
they come in the summertime whether you like them or not
all you can do is wear makeup to cover them up
but you know that that’s dumb

can’t sleep in past sunrise, you’re uptight
say you hate wasting your time
but then always complain that you’re tired
then you sleep through the day, it’s like, what are you like?

___tough luck

you ain’t afraid, you’re a tough nut
you stay awake getting fucked up
you lay awake getting touched up
it ain’t the same now the sun’s up
no the mystery’s gone, went away, then you came back
it’s like you packed then you unpacked
you want the summer and the sun back
still your skin is like a sun map, untracked

let’s stay home and get stoned to the bone
what’s the point in us leaving the house?
home alone and it’s beautiful, no one’s allowed
you say you feel free when there’s no one around

and it’s evening now and the streets they have quietened down
still we ain’t going out
take a seat on the couch, get to know me
better than you already do
and it’s better when there’s love in the room
takes me back to when the sun wouldn’t move
but the water still talked to the moon
it’s always better when there’s love in the room
it’s always better when there’s drugs to consume
it’s always better when there’s someone like you
a bit of evidence of summer in bloom

you and me in the lowlight driving
___two’s up
it’s been a while since we owned the horizon
___who’s up?
some other lovers on the night shift, skiving
___clued up
put the phone to your ear and say hello
___it’s too much
the way that the waterway echoes
___we lose touch
as we walk in the dark through the meadows

steal the keys to your mum’s SUV
spin the wheels like a blank CD-R
burning demos in a disc drive
wheels spinning in the best light
at night

© youngdumblovers. All rights reserved.

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