youngdumblovers - Gloam Towns

Here we have a half advert, half music video featuring the downbeat styles of the youngdumblovers and Ed Scissor. This video features Ed thumbing through the limited edition graphic heavy magazine he’s putting out there.

Backing is the instrumental version of Gloam Towns, a laid back introspective and moody offering.

Ed is clearly moving into the visual arts side of creating, and is finding ways to combine this with making music as well.

A5, 40 page zine, full colour printing, perfect bound.
Limited edition of 50.


Written and performed by: youngdumblovers



The whole county’s in a cloud and the towns glimmer
There’s a fragile story of love written down on the back of a chestnut leaf


Listen to the heartwood memorial stone it’s evening
Listen it’s drizzling rain

Rain like silver rivets down the cut
Young mums nestle up
While teens gloom in rooms in lust

A fifth of a century ticks by
A kerbside hubcap flicks into a ditch and so much more besides
__Homebody 1900 pulls up the gravel drive

Braids of blackwater through fields connect these settlements
And everyone’s got the same idea

Darking cyan inks bruise the sky
While bright white floodlights suggest UFOs in wet air


The cosmos at the bus stop
The pressing present tense in the sports centre car park


Now Homewood seems mythic and unordinary
And a lover of years can still surprise you

No don’t just sleep – stay awake through the orange hum of the night
And see fractured lights through loam green eyes

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