Youthstar x Miscellaneous x Ennemi ft. Pav4n - Dropping Like Flies

Dropping Like Flies, produced by Ennemi and featuring PAV4N (Foreign Beggars) is an energetic Hip Hop banger where the MCs show their respective skills on a super efficient and catchy production between Hip Hop and neo dubstep.

Dropping Like Flies is taken from “Out Past Curfew” by Youthstar and Miscellaneous.

Featuring: PAV4N
Written and recorded by: Youthstar and Miscellaneous
Produced, mixed and mastered by: Ennemi

Filmed by: DenisStudio Publisud (Youthstar and Miscellaneous parts)
Filming by: Tamir Ali (Pav4n’s parts)
Make up by: Vanity Venom
Editing and montage by: Otoosan Ghidorah (aka Yann/Pierre/Jay)

Released by Chinese Man Records 2021



Chinese Man Records

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