Thanks for passing by my site and for taking the time out to look up your answer in the FAQ. If you were to advertise I would expect any fees to be at the lower end of the scale. At the present time the site is getting about 1000+ unique visitors per day with up to 3000 page impressions. There is a banner rotation system on every page.

This would expose your banner to a reasonably large and very specific audience. As for email adverts my list presently only has about 150 members, so that might be less appealing.

I am prepared to be flexible in meeting your demands and fitting in with what you can afford, but the adverts must be for legal items or services.

My prices as they stand and subject to revision at any time are: £10 for a mailshot, £20 for a banner for a month. I hope that seems reasonable. If you already do this type of advertising I would be interested to know where and how much you pay for it.

We can also tailor a bespoke package and are open to the possibilities of incorporating any ideas you may have, although this would incur a larger fee. Send an email to mailto:[email protected] and we can discuss your requirements. Once we are in agreement I can pass you the online payment details.

Thanks again for your interest.

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