Nerd Angeles

Nerd Angeles is an artist who has a very unorthodox sound. It’s very experimental and diverse. He doesn’t want to stick to just one sound, he wants to be versatile and bring plenty more to the table.

His music is influenced by Tyler the Creator, Pharell, Childish Gambino, and KYLE. Growing up, he wasn’t into all the things the other kids were into. When he saw these artists doing the most extraordinary and out of the box things with so much confidence, he just gravitated to that. Seeing them made him believe more in himself. He realised that it’s okay to not like what everyone else does and learned to be himself even if he’s different.

2 Sick” is a song designed to get your blood pumping and your feet moving. The bouncy synth ties well with the hyper upbeat bass and it just gives the song a fresh new energy.

The song was released in the summer because the energy of the song fits summer vibes. Summer is the best time to just go nuts and jam out to crazy energetic music, which is what the artist accomplished to do with this song.

Sometimes when he writes a song, he usually writes a verse or two before even hearing the beats. The artist tried not to stick to a certain flow for too long when writing a song. He’s constantly listening to music so there’s always fresh inspiration. He enjoys challenging his wordplay because it makes him more aware of what he needs to work on and perfect.

Nerd Angeles works with a very talented producer. Ben is godly with the beats and Angeles usually just writes the lyrics. He randomly hums a melody and words start to flow in his mind and he just jots them all down. He has, however, fully created some songs on his own and he wants to make more. For ‘2 Sick’, he worked with a beats engineer at the studio.

He listens to a lot of different music but his current favourite artists Sofaygo, Cochise, and Lil Tecca. Their sounds are experimental and catchy, which makes their songs good overall. Angeles would love to collaborate with Pharrell, Kanye West, Tyler, and KYLE some day.

The artist believes that he would be nothing without his fans so he is infinitely grateful for them. He thinks it’s very important to show them love constantly so he loves hearing from fans who reach out on his socials because social media is the best way to connect to them.

He wants to thank his supporters for all the love and wants them to know that there’s a lot more music coming soon. He’s currently working on a full album that he’s very excited to share with the world.

Listen to ‘2 Sick’ by Nerd Angeles on Spotify.

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