Jet Kingtay

Jet Kingtay is an artist who experiments with his sound a lot. He wants the listeners to understand what he says and not be lost when listening to his songs. The artist says, “I just want to show that you don’t need to use explicit language on every song; make a song for everyone”.

Jet has been writing poetry even since he was young. Listening to a lot of 90’s music from different genres and artists such as 2pac, Hi-Five and The Gap Band has influenced his music.

Jet Kingtay’s song “24/7” is about how he’s achieving his dreams and how his listeners can too. His advice is to work everyday and never take any days off, stay woke and keep grinding for your goals, just like he is.

He says the reason fans connect to this song is because it’s talking about money, something that is essential to survive, so it motivates his fans to achieve their dreams. He believes that if they take no days off, they will succeed faster and be able to master their craft, e.g, play sports even when they’re not on the field/court to become the best at it.

Fans also connect to this song because the artist is telling them to never settle for less and work on their craft everyday.

Jet’s writing process starts with getting familiar with the beat and coming up with a concept for it but he doesn’t always need an instrumental to start his music creation; he can also make songs without hearing a beat because his music comes from the heart. It’s not often that you hear music in Acapella form, and Jet does just that because he wants to be different. He aims to make his own category/genre when his career is all set and done.

The artist works with an engineer that helps him produce. He is currently learning how to produce so he wouldn’t have to buy beats all the time. Jet wants to produce and record an album on his own so he can own 100% of the album and not have to pay anyone else for his songs.

Jet is dropping a new album titled “you issa Dummy” soon. He says that the album will live up to its hype because his team likes it a lot and he hopes his fans will have it playing on repeat. The artist will also be dropping a music video for his song “24/7”.

Although Jet doesn’t have that much performance experience, he  wants to start performing at parties or at pep rallies for high schools. He also wouldn’t mind opening up for other artists at concerts.

In regards to his dream song collaborations, the artist said: “When I first started making music, I really wanted to collaborate with xxxtentation. I was really sad when I found out he passed away that day, but now I would love to do a song with LIL UZI VERT,  Trippie redd, Jcole, Drake, JID or Kendrick Lamar”.

Jet likes to listen to artists who tell a story through their music. He likes to listen to songs that make him think, play the song back and try to analyze the point they are trying to get across, such as JID’s music. He listens to J Cole because he is lyrical, Lil Uzi Vert’s songs get him hyped up and he listens to Trippie Redd’s songs to just chill.

The artist believes that social media is the best thing for independent artists like himself, because it allows him to ask his fans what they like and what they don’t like. He values and appreciates his fans a lot because they are what keeps him motivated. understand that it is ok to make a song that isn’t all that great.

He thanks his fans for understanding even when he makes a song that isn’t all that great and wants them to know that he is working to get better because he knows he can be better than what he is right now. He also wants to encourage his fans to be the best version of themselves because they can get anything they want as long as they work for it.

Listen to ’24/7′ by Jet Kingtay on Spotify.

Jet Kingtay

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