A I formed as a group in the last 2 years, and grew up in South London  where they have been in the studio 24/7 creating a mix tape that they are trying to release in early June. They are hoping to change the style of UK Hip Hop with production from Mouseman, Para Beats, DJ Vex, and Dean Anthony.

A IMOUSEMAN: aka Gavin Hull aged 23 has been rapping since 14 were he used to MC to jungle with a group called Lyrical Assassins. He is also the producer in the group producing for the crew ad several other crews artists like Cream Cartel and Trixta. Mouse grew up listening to all kinds of music rap, reggae, jungle, garage and motown. Listening to artists like Marvin Gay, Dianna Ross to jungle MCs like Skibba Dee and Shabba Dee.

M DOT: aka Michael Ifel aged 28 has only recently started rapping seriously in the last 2 years but has always had a talent for rapping. He also grew up listening to rap and reggae but mostly jungle music was his thing.

These are the 2 main artists in their group, however they enjoy collaborations and to date have worked with some of the talent available to them.

The mix tape is set to cause a storm and they are also trying to feature on several DVDs which will also be released later in the year.

  • Contact: 07960484699
  • Email: mouseman6998@hotmail.com

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