Faraz Mohsin and Raad Shaikh are a rap duo called RA.F. They started making music only under a year ago but their goal is to become the next major artists in the hip hop industry. They started on SoundCloud by dropping an album called ‘Live It Up’ without having a mic, proper equipment, or proper editing skills. Now, nearly a few months later, they are producing high-quality music.

‘Foreigns’ is RA.F’s newest song. It is a catchy track with thoughtful lyrics that will definitely get stuck in your head. The song will be accompanied by a music video.

Both of the members of this duo have unique sounds. While one has a more aggressive and louder rap voice and he makes the hooks more often, the other member has a faster flow and lighter voice.

The artists are heavily influenced by Nav, J.Cole and Travis Scott. They are currently listening to Bryson Tiller, NAV, and Migos but it all depends on their next track or how they feel that day.

Since the artists live in different cities, they create music by FaceTiming each other every night. If they can’t come up with anything, they take a break and try again in a few days. Sometimes they switch up the vibe of the beat to create something unique.  

RA.F are currently working on a new album and are expecting to have one or two big features on it. The album should be released in the near future.

The artists like to connect with their fans on social media and show them what they are working on at the moment.

Listen to ‘Foreigns’ on Spotify.


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