A-Stout - Biography

A-Stout is the new international hip-hop sensation made up of rappers Rootwords (U.S.A. / Zambia) and Larynx (Ghana), and producer VLM (Mexico). The three met in Geneva, Switzerland and have been rocking the international underground scene since 2000 appearing on many mix tapes and at large-venue concerts.

Their international background and fresh musical outlook has made them deliver some of the best quality in hip-hop heard for a while. Their lyrical and musical talent is reminiscent of the 90’s hip-hop classics while maintaining a modern flavor that knows no national or artistic boundaries.

A-Stout is paving the way to their first album by releasing four promo tracks online and performing numerous gigs across Europe. Along the way they will also release their first single thus emerging from the underground and taking the commercial scene by storm.

A-Stout is set to leave an everlasting imprint on the history of international music. Stay tuned to the movement!

A-Stout has just been signed to London-based Acuphen Entertainment.

By: Rashmi Shastri




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