A-Tola - Biography

A–Tola also known as Asherman, Ash or Tola, is a hip-hop rapper of Jamaican descent, born and raised in South London, the youngest of 3 brothers. Going to school in Peckham, he had dropped out of College mid term, at 17, to pursue a passion for music and a drive that saw him set up several thriving outlets in the form of ‘Live Wire’ sound system and a rap collective ‘Gold Rush Entertainment

A-Tola knew his ambition had developed and he needed to go it alone to realise his full potential. With the goal of becoming an artist in mind he worked on his music determinedly, recording track after track until he had his best 20 songs on tape, a demo that fell into the hands of DJ Crew Aylesbury All-Stars who passed it on to Kuba, Co-Founder of Street Dreams Entertainment.

Kuba was so impressed with what he heard a meeting was scheduled immediately, and after performing live A-Tola was invited onto the roster, joining acts such as Pariz 1, Mike GLC and Kama Kazi (who were initially part of Hip Hop Super Group S.D.M.).

With his suave look and connections he has made so far it does look as though A-Tola has big things in front of him.


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