Aim (Andy Turner) Biography

Over the last 6 years Aim has been established as one of the UK’s leading underground artists releasing the critically acclaimed ‘Cold Water Music‘ and ‘Hinterland‘ albums as well as remixing a whole host of artists including Ian Brown, St Etienne & The Charlatans.

When they said the revolution was coming, we’re sure nobody expected it to spawn from Barrow In Furness. Uniquely for a man whose albums have shifted over 100,000 units each and whose fan base has multiplied with every sample and beat, Andy Turner’s back yard has always been his creative stomping ground.

Aim (Andy Turner) BiographyBack in 2000, when Aim’s debut ‘Cold Water Music’ dropped from the belly of the Grand Central mothership to rapturous arms and ears alike, few could have expected the Aim phenomenon to have been such an unstoppable force.

Fast forward six years and Andy ‘Aim’ Turner is a man with his fingers tickling every conceivable switch. His second record, Hinterland, achieved the kind of critical mass cult following that most seldom manage to attain, straddling the impossible void between creative independence and inescapability. To say that Aim has become ubiquitous in any self-respecting record collection would only be looking at the truth from one particular angle.

It’s been four drama-packed years since. Aim – the man and his box of tunes – has mutated into not only a live-action multi-musician hydra, playing packed venues around the world, but a record label from which to platform his own material and the cream of everybody else’s. Thus ATIC was born, a curiously appropriate label name for a bedroom-born empire, and Andy Turner ticked another box off his checklist for global domination.

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