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The first British Asian Grime/Hip hop/R&B artist aiming at mainstream recognition rather than targeting his music at a strictly Asian audience. Growing up in East London, at the age of 14 Aky was trained in theatre, something he believes has helped him musically.

Holding a keen interest in hip hop music at a young age, he began by originally writing poetry instead of doing maths work in class, eventually turning to song writing.

“I was fascinated by hip hop culture and the way a musical movement had evolved into a culture that could get a political message across, I wanted to be a part of this and that’s when I began writing”.

AkyAky had always planned to work in the media industry in some way or other and pursued this by hosting a local radio show at the age of 15; he now classes radio and TV presenting amongst his many abilities. Coming from a conservative family background he often had to conceal his passion for music. Eventually his inner city surroundings got the better of him and he went through a tough period in his life.

"I went through a tough stage where I left music behind and ended up spending a period behind bars amongst other things, this really changed my way of thinking and my working ethics".

Music eventually prevailed and pulled him through this tough period in his life leading him to concentrate on the more important aspects of his life and to concentrate on his future. Often rapping about his experiences Aky believes that Hip Hop/Grime should be more uplifting and should offer an escape from tough inner city life rather than condone the violence that is rife in these places. His style of writing is unique in its own way, as his lyrics have depth and meaning behind them, something you would expect from a far more experienced artist. With songs often having a story and moral behind them.

Aky’s musical influences derive from artists such as Kano, Klashnekoff and Jay Z. On occasion these influences as well as his cultural influences are visible in his music.


Aky is currently working on promoting his first single, “Still Feeling You” as well as his forthcoming television show on RAJ TV, also presenting a weekly show on CRUSH radio and planning to delve into the management side of the music business eventually. A definite star of the future, you’ll definitely be hearing more from him some time soon.

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