Lindita Halimi

Born in Vitina, Kosovo, Lindita Halimi started her singing career at the age of 11. At a young age, her parents acknowledged her musical gift and knew it was her destiny to be on stage. Lindita was enrolled in Gjilan School of Music and studied music theory, vocal coaching, and piano. She excelled in all areas prodigiously.

In 2007, Lindita became a finalist on Albanian Idol. She also had joined a band which was named Ngroba (which translates to global warming). In 2009, she pursued a solo career and went on to earn more accomplishments. This includes but is not limited to representing Albania on Eurovision, making the top 25 on American Idol during Season 15, and appearing on a People’s Magazine feature.  

Lindita’s latest release ‘All The Way‘ is about two characters who enjoy their time together. The female clearly wonders if her man truly feels the same way about her and wants to ask him if they can pursue love, risking it all.

‘All The Way’ has a beautiful melody and an equally lovely story that will resonate with everyone. Lindita shares, “Everyone has been in a situation in life in which they wondered if their significant other feels the same way about them“. In addition to the relatable message, it is also a track you can vibe and dance to in any event. This combination of strengths makes it an all round success, no matter the listener.

Listen to Lindita Halimi’s ‘All The Way’ on Spotify.

Lindita Halimi

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