Nobody Special

The emerging artist, Nobody Special, has recorded a number of boundary-breaking songs, armed with tight lyrical deliveries and deeply genuine songwriting. His songs are the perfect soundtrack for anyone going through the pains of regular existence. He makes songs for the lonely, those that feel trapped, like there’s nobody there for them. The artist’s soothing soundtracks are an explosion of all the emotions he has pent up inside of him.

‘Alone’ by Nobody Special is a song about feeling like no one is with you. It’s about the struggles of not being able to trust people once they see you on the way to having success. The track is about feeling alone even when you are around people. It’s a song about depression and struggling with love. The artist says, ‘I make music for the people that feel just like me, that struggle every day just to make it through the day. The people with mental illnesses and trust issues. The outcast and loners that never had anyone to rely on. The misunderstood that society throws to the wayside as garbage. Those are my people’.

The artist’s musical influences include Lil Peep, Juice WRLD, XXXtentacion and convolk. He would like to collaborate with Sorry X and guccihighwaters.

Before writing music, Nobody Special either has an idea for a hook or verse, or he is in some type of mood in his spirit. If the artist has an idea written down or a voice recording he will generally find a beat with a matching bpm and start laying down the idea and breaking out the rest of the song. Some days the emotions weigh heavier than anything and he just finds a beat that talks to his soul, hits the record button and spits what he needs to get off his chest.

The artist says that it is possible there will be an album before the end of this year but at the moment he is focused on dropping a single every two weeks.

When asked how he feels about social media, the artist said: ‘I feel like social media allows people to take a peek behind the curtain for artists. It allows people to get a look into our minds and how we work. It lets you connect on a closer level with your followers and fans’.

Nobody Special would like to say thank you to his fans for supporting him.

Listen to ‘Alone’ on Spotify.

Nobody Special

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