Ayia Napa-based UK rap innovator A!MS is back with his multi-sensory new single ‘OUD‘, dropping on the 22nd of March.

‘OUD’ is a raw showcase of A!MS’ inimitable talents as both a rapper and producer, his relentless flow delivered with bravado over a fierce trap beat. Underscored by ominous basslines, distorted synths and inventive vocal samples, the track creates an immersive, mysterious atmosphere that peppers the senses.

Conceptualised as a multi-sensory release, ‘OUD’ is not just a fragrance for the ears. A!MS will also be making an OUD fragrance to go with the sound and quite literally dropping it all over London via a drone, offering a free fragrance for all to enjoy while listening.

Like many rare and precious materials, OUD takes a long time to develop naturally“, A!MS says. “It’s not something that can simply be planted and plucked, like so many other fragrance notes. Known to remove negative energies and boost feelings of harmony, OUD takes time to cook“.

Known for creating melodic UK Rap with a Mediterranean inspired twist, A!MS makes music out of his camp in Ayia Napa, Cyprus that brims with sun-etched vibes. As one of the region’s most respected cultural figures, he also hosts the wildly successful Wave Pool Parties to holiday makers who have been treated to sets this summer from Charlie Sloth, ArrDee, Prinz and many more.

His most recent releases have seen some of the biggest names in the Rap and Trap scenes across Europe, the UK and internationally come together. ‘Tourista‘ was the track of summer 2023 and featured beloved hitmakers Dirty Harry, FY and ZieZie, with renowned American producers Cool and Dre on the beat, while the more recent ‘SELF ESTEEM‘ was a gritty tour de force from the rapper-producer.

With this innovative new multi-sensory release, A!MS continues to solidify his unique place in the rap landscape. Keep both ears and noses tuned for ‘OUD’.



Why your boy so smooth
you know I keep upping the moves
Aims high and we shoot
Sky’s the limit I’m the… truth

Heaven sent like Gabriel to Arsenal
Like a Gunner
I’m a Gunna
Pushing P and pushing packs like parcels

Understand this is never personal
Never catch me kicking with no i’m Uncertain of
I drip clean
If a brother do me dirty though his fam are gonna end up on the news Like “tell us what u know”
I’m getting so paid I should have my own bank
Can’t mess with the wave make an opp walk plank
Just give me my props
I been playing my role
Never phased by a loss
I’m Ronaldo with the goals

Why your boy so smooth
and I keep upping the moves
Aims high and we shoot
Sky’s the limit I’m the…. truth

This got me in the mood…
The wave is tearing down the roof…
There is nothing they can do…

Hit spitters


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