For as long as he can remember, music has always been an integral part of David George’s life. David George, better known by his stage name ArSkip, was born in St.Croix, US Virgin Islands. Rap extraordinaire ArSkip is also a record producer, a songwriter, and a co- founder of the BKBX Entertainment record label. He has described his sound in the past as east coast rhymes with an island twist. 

ArSkip is a force to be reckoned with. Inspired by his mother Janet O’Garro’s unyielding drive while raising eight kids by herself is what inevitably shaped him into becoming the strong-willed and high spirited individual that he is today. Despite having some hard times growing up, ArSkip managed to attain his GED and completed his studies in business management at Monroe College in New York.

He is well respected in the underground music scene of New York City, Los Angeles, and Connecticut. ArSkip has released over 20 mixtapes, with one titled A Zillion Bars of Pain: Volume 1 selling more than 6,500 copies in the USA and US Virgin Islands together. He has opened acts for international dancehall & reggae artists such as Spice, Aidonia and Madd Cobra. A firm believer in the strength of community, ArSkip hopes his music will bond people together in unity, love and freedom.

ArSkip’s “Tonight” has a refreshing vacation / dancing sound. It will resonate with likes of all ages and will become an instant with the right push. With the smooth vocals of Nicholas Man along with his intellectual rhymes, “Tonight” is a classic that will withstand the test of time.


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