Blueberry Pancakes” was the peak of the ‘a single a month’ release campaign J.O went on last year. The artist decided to start using food as song names. It was about 7 am in the morning when he was recording the song and the nostalgia of the beat fit the vibe of early, dewy morning. The lyrics are meant to be playful and bouncy, just like the song name and the beat. But along with being playful, they’re also uplifting and inspire the listeners to take on the world and crush any negative energy in the world.

J.O, previously known as Jacob Pnake, will be releasing a music video for ‘Blueberry Pancakes’ soon. The artist describes his sound as Kanye West meets Young Thug and they went to hangout with Travis Scott. There’s a nostalgia attached to his sound, which makes it more special.

As a producer himself, he is inspired by how Kanye West made universally good sounding music that charted but was still very much his own. J.O was introduced to hip-hop by Kanye. Young Thug inspires him as an artist because he’s always pushing the envelope, both with his voice and with his brand. Travis Scott’s days in the rodeo album also have a lot of influence on his music.

J.O self-produces all of his beats myself-including the one of ‘Blueberry Pancakes’. He tries to write the lyrics while making the beat sometimes because it helps him merge the two and make them one. He usually makes the beat before writing the lyrics.

The artist said: “I’m mainly a producer, so much so that I don’t even laud it as something spectacular. I treat my artist side and producer side as different entities and they love to work with each other”.

J.O enjoys listening to alternative and rap music and he loves the sound of indie music. He dreams to collaborate with Kanye West, Carti, Young Thug, Drake or Pierre Bourne someday.

Although he doesn’t have much experience with performing, that’s something that he wants to work on. He would like to get more involved with the local public and get into performing. He also plans on releasing a full album some time in the future.

The artist believes that social media has humanized the relationship between artists and their fans. He loves hearing from his fans and he hopes that they are all able to chase their dreams in life and do what they love.

Listen to ‘Blueberry Pancakes’ by J.O on Spotify.

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