Automatic Ray- The Wave

Automatic Ray is a rapper, singer, and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. Aspiring to rise in the charts of southern rap, Ray is influenced by legends like T.I., OutKast, Future, and Rick Ross. He shares, “I draw from the greats before me while embracing the sound of the new generation“.

Stylistically, his music has witty lyrics that maintain authenticity and melodic riffs and hooks that are almost impossible to forget. As an artist, writer, and producer, Automatic Ray is destined for greatness.

His latest single, ‘The Wave‘, is about building your legacy from the ground up. Ray recalls times on how he struggled and grinded his way to the top. Presently, he looks to remain in a position of power without looking back. The song is lighthearted and bouncy but honest and reflective.

‘The Wave’ talks about overcoming hate, working hard, and staying true to your grind. Rays says, “I feel like we all come from some form of struggle. Some are indeed born more fortunate than others, but not all struggles are financial. I started at the bottom and came out on top“. Automatic Ray plans to release an album by mid-April.

Listen to Automatic Ray’s ‘The Wave’ on YouTube.

Automatic Ray- The Wave

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