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There is always room for something new and refreshing in a community that has long since been saturated with mediocrity. Hip Hop is the pillar of street culture and has influenced people across the world. Though the art form of emceeing is decades mature, there are still newcomers who use unique expression to captivate listeners. One of these emcees is Awon.

Awon, born Antwan Wiggins on March 6, 1980 in Brooklyn, New York, got to witness, first hand, a Golden Era of Hip Hop. For the first nine years of his life, Awon was a young Brooklynite and resident of the Fort Greene neighborhood. This neighborhood was a cultural epicenter for young African-American artists. Influenced early on by fellow Brooklynite Big Daddy Kane’s hit record "Ain’t No Half Steppin'" Awon became engulfed in music and decided, at that moment, to become an emcee.

Present day, you can find Awon in Newport News, Virginia, making a name for himself, internationally, via the Internet. In 2004, Awon was introduced to DJ Al Bumz and Mac The Menace, both hosts on WHOV 88.1, Hampton University’s radio station. He was soon after invited to come into the station for an interview and anxiously jumped at the opportunity to freestyle on their show, Soul Students Radio, given its name following the development of a collective they were a part of, consisting of emcees and producers.

Awon sought refuge with the Soul Students and joined the crew. Soon after, Awon began extensive recording sessions and performed live up and down the East Coast with the collective. As a member of the Soul Students, Awon secured a licensing deal with Goon Trax, a Japanese record label specializing in “jazzy” underground Hip Hop in 2007. In 2008 Goon Trax released Awon’s first studio album, the critically acclaimed, Beautiful Loser.

Currently Awon teamed up again with longtime friend and Soul Students producer Kameleon Beats for a follow up album entitled Love Supersedes, which was released, independently, in March 2010. Gaining friends and fans from across the globe, Awon can credit his closest friends and family for helping him to achieve his dreams through their belief in his craft.


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