Zachary Baekelandt, or simply Bakelendt is an indie rap artist from Detroit Michigan who was born in 1997 to a mother and father who were just as lost at the time as he (and everyone else) is now. His life has come with a lot of growth, but growth does not come without pain. The lessons from the types of pain he’s endured have shaped his philosophy by which his music is based: beauty within the darkness. Bakelendt is a persona; a vessel to translate the gritty world into something melodic, inspiring, and wonder invoking.

The beat behind his song entitled “Faults” was created by a magnificent producer named Sloth, which was then later and legally leased out by Bakelendt. It has a very alternative sound with quite a deep mix of vocals. The lyrics are written with pungent imagery to really get people imagining and to have the audience locked in. The chorus is beautifully sung with a sense of agony and apathy, merging the two unlikely emotions together..

When asked about what inspires him and what he thinks connects fans to this song, he proclaimed “The mere fact that lots of us blame ourselves for the bad things that may happen, whether they really were our faults or not. I believe a lot of people can relate to the anger and the sadness, but also to the sense of resilience. Sometimes we need something to help invoke that motivation in us though. I’d hope the song has the power to do that; to build a feeling of resilience in the chest of  its listeners.”.  He is a humble but powerful artist, and he’s someone that you surely want to set your sights on for past, current, and most definitely future releases.


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