Baron Von Alias - Biography

Born in the early 1800's Baron Von Alias began his journey in the North of England. Armed with a family heirloom Baron Von Alias was granted a gift so rare; the powers required for time travel. Having been ridiculed for his passionate affair with the spoken word, the Baron was hailed a follower of witchcraft.

His rhymes mistaken for incantations, his tales of time and soliloquies of the future considered demonic, the Baron had no other choice but to use the powers bestowed upon him to move through time to a period where he would land within his comfort zone.

2009 sees Baron Von Alias embarking on a journey of enlightenment as he familiarizes himself with those of similar qualities. Having already crafted his debut project Timepiece, set to be unleashed on the masses in Spring of 2009, he plans to reel his fans in with its prelude, The Mechanism. Allowing those willing to take the trip with him an insight into where he has come from and just where he is heading.

Acknowledging the craft of his contemporaries the Baron will be joined on his intricate time travel through the present day by a hand picked selection. The likes of Guilty Simpson, T3, Frank n Dank, Melanie Rutherford, Dom P and many more are enjoying the enthusiasm and originality which Baron Von Alias exudes.

Baron Von Alias

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