beardthug, 2 Minds Gemini, And DevCyph - I Never Really

Seasoned lyricist 2 Minds Gemini and underground phenomenon DevCyph collaborate with the dynamic duo Séamus and Mallek, a.k.a. beardthug, for a song like no other. As beardthug provides the banger bass track for their collab song, 2 Minds Gemini raps his heart off in the first verse while DevCyph raps in the second verse.

The pair of rappers helped each other in writing the lyrics for their track. Initially, they wrote the song for a different track, but Mallek and 2 Minds Gemini decided to create an original song together.

Their single, ‘I Never Really,’ is about being comfortable with who you are. 2 Minds Gemini shares, “I think people will connect with the vulnerability of the song.” This dubstep-rap track is a bop that will “break your neck” riding along with the bass.  

‘I Never Really’ is on beardthug’s EP Pareidolia. For 2 Minds Gemini, he will continue to find more cool artists to work with. His goal is to create everlasting content with different artists.

Listen to beardthug, 2 Minds Gemini, And DevCyph’s ‘I Never Really’ on Spotify.

beardthug, 2 Minds Gemini, And DevCyph - I Never Really

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