Bestiavl 2010 Preview

As most of you will know, Bestival 2010 is looming and people are starting make sure that those old skool wellies still fit, their nunty macs don’t have any holes in and their tents have got all of their pegs. However, you never know, it could be bright sunshine right through the 4 days so you wont need some of those things!

I have never managed to get myself to Bestival before but I have heard so much about it. Most of the stories I have heard have sounded quite amazing actually. The only negative story being that it rained pretty much constantly in 2008 and people were loosing tents etc etc. My main problem with this is, strangely enough, that I won’t be able to sit down. I feel that this is an essential part of a festival where you can watch the freaks roll on by and enjoy what could be the best people watching experience you could ever encounter.

The line up! Ah yes, the line up for Bestival 2010 is pretty damn good and it is absolutely mammoth in size. But rather than list them all, I thought that I would highlight some of the acts that I’ll be venturing towards…

The Cuban Brothers – Always good for a laugh, if you haven’t seen them before make sure you go and see what they’ve got on offer.

Disco Bloodbath – Although they are last on the line up poster, it will be one of the first acts on my list. Always an event that’s on near my house in London and always a Podcast that gets played all of the way through.

DJ Yoda – Have you ever seen a DJ that doesn’t just mix and match? This man will show you how to do it.

Dizzee Rascal – Just because.

There’s loads more that I will be rushing to see but I could go on forever.

Whatever act you go to see, what day you get there and who you go with… Make sure that you enjoy it. It’s the last British festival of the year and there’s a bit of a wait until the next one.

See you there party people!

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By: Kris Drew

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