Stormin' Norman

Better Off‘ by Stormin’ Norman is a part of the EP the artist released three months ago. The artist wrote this song during the pandemic. Through love and loss, there is always pain that takes time to get through. One half of your brain screams ‘I’m better off without them‘, the other runs through different scenarios that could have been. The artist says, ‘I think we all have this internal struggle of decision making that makes it hard to walk away from difficult situations. What we put out into the world may be very different from what goes on in our heads’.

The artist’s sound is a hybrid of pop and rap. Making sure there’s a story with each song and that it has actually happened to the artist is extremely important, because it allows him to close the door on situations in his past.

Stormin’ Norman’s musical influences include Juice WRLD, Arizona Zervas, Saint Jhn, NF, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, and Post Malone. Currently, the artist has been listening to Jack Harlow because he is an unbelievable musician. He has incredible story-telling techniques and is an extremely impressive lyricist.

Stormin’ Norman spent a lot of time writing music, recording demos, listening to those demos, changing melodies, lyrics and then going to the studio to knock it out. It takes months sometimes for a single song. He records in a small studio in Boston, Massachusetts. The artist is currently working with a Boston rap group called Zinos on their second collaboration.

At the moment the artist is back in the studio recording singles for the time being, but eventually, he will be working towards his first studio album.

The artist has Instagram and TikTok accounts. ‘I’ll post every so often of behind the scenes so people get an exclusive look at what I’m doing. It’s really just so they can see what’s coming and get hyped to listen to it’.

The artist would like to thank his fans for believing. This has been an unbelievable outlet for him over the years. The people who listen constantly, or even just give it a try are the ones who give his music purpose.

Listen to ‘Better Off’ on YouTube.

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