Bhavna Malkani

Twenty four year old, Bhavna Malkani was born and raised in North London. She grew up in Wood Green, with both parents and an older brother.

Raised in a melting-pot environment, Malkani developed a range of interests including hybrid British cultures, a passion for music, art and education. After finishing secondary school and sixth form in 1999, she was eager to further her academic career by studying a Bachelors in Sociology and Communication Studies, at Goldsmiths College, University of London. It was here when she discovered her fascination around cultural authenticities, history as well as music sub-cultures.

Bhavna MalkaniIn 2002, Malkani graduated and felt like she needed to travel before approaching the next step in her career. Whilst she was travelling around Europe and North America, she was approached to write for hip-hop sites and became a freelance music journalist for, and many others.

After her 22nd birthday Malkani wanted to return back to university life and complete a postgraduate course. She relocated to the south coast and enrolled at the Southampton Institute. For her Masters, she wanted to produce a documentary around hip-hop and its usage on the ‘N’ word. She felt it was only right, to carry out her research in the United States – where she filmed and directed the documentary in Delaware, Philadelphia and New York City.

Her documentary stars M1 from Dead Prez, Grouchy Greg CEO of, the Last Emperor and Delaware rapper and music producer, Marchitect. Her plans for the future will be to open a multi-national production business and to continue to direct cultural documentaries.

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