Big Brovaz

One of Britain’s biggest acts Big Brovaz are about to launch back into the music scene in 2007 and are hear to stay with their hotly anticipated new album “Re-Entry”. The group originally formed 8 years ago when the girls in the group (Cherise, Nadia and Dion) and the guys (Randy, J-Rock and Flawless) were working separately creating beats and tunes, struggling like thousands of other unsigned musicians.

Little did they know that one day they would be nationwide superstars. Randy’s cousin got his hands on music from the various artists and put together a mix tape which generated a strong reaction and buzz in the UK scene. The chemistry between the various members was undeniable, Big Brovaz was born!

Big BrovazThe group signed to Sony in 2002 and began work on their colossal debut “Nu Flow” which eventually spawned 7 singles, 4 of which where top 10, including the number 2 single ‘Favourite Things’, and the album itself hit the prestigious number 1 spot. The album turned Big Brovaz into one of the UKs hottest groups, as they picked up 2 Mobo awards (Best Newcomer and Best UK Act) and saw the record go platinum. “Nu Flow” was the British sound of 2002 and it seemed like worldwide domination was only a matter of time for the UK’s answer to hip-pop!

However the band experienced what was to be their biggest lesson in life when Flawless was caught taking some weed into the states, the guys decided to take time out and re-evaluate their careers and choices. The future of Big Brovaz was heavily in doubt and after a split with their label Sony, things looked ominous. The guys separated for a while and went off to do their own projects – J-Rock made a movie with US actress Michelle Phieffer and another with his band mate Randy, whilst the girls continued to write and record in Europe. The growing UK scene wondered if we’d seen the last of the mighty Big Brovaz as they entered their darkest period yet. Dion left the group to pursue her love for song writing, and rapper Flawless following his moment of stupidity went his own way.

Big BrovazHowever, through this turbulent time Big Brovaz never died, they never gave up. The four remaining members started work in the studio individually, and then in twos and threes, until finally Big Brovaz reunited to start work on new material. Genetic Records in 2006 had heard what the guys were producing and signed them on the spot. Big Brovaz finally had the creative and musical control that they’d always wanted but was never possible with a major label.

“Re-Entry” defines everything that is 101% Big Brovaz, everything from an individual beat or lyric is theirs, right up to clothing, imagery and style. Their new material is the freshest and truest representation of Big Brovaz and portrays them as the serious and talented group of musicians they are. “Re-Entry” has a theatrical feel to it and yet contains strong and meaningful lyrics, discussing issues that all teenagers and adults face about life, the streets and relationships – something for everyone.
In addition to the album release the band have been working on exclusive soundtrack for ‘Breaking the Cycle’ (which stars Big Brovaz very own J-Rock). This all in between designing their own clothing range with celebrity fashion boutique, Kaiz Boutique, more details to be confirmed soon.

Come 2007 the world had better watch out for Big Brovaz as they plan their attack on the UK music charts with the aim of once again becoming the edgiest, coolest and slickest hip-pop group on the scene.
Big Brovaz

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