Black Attack

Black Attack first gained notoriety with the release of the now defunct Correct Records single "Holdin’ It Down" / "Verbal Attack" featuring Problemz, which quickly became an underground classic, receiving radio spins nationwide and eventually getting played by Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex.

Black Attack’s witty, unorthodox flow caught the attention of former Beatnut Al Tariq aka Fasion as well as V.I.C. who quickly got Black involved in more projects.

Black AttackWhile working with V.I.C, Black was introduced to DJ Honda. Honda, who was working on his first U.S. album H1 for Sony Japan, hired Black to lace the album with the gritty but blazin’ song "Fuk Dat". Black Attack then signed a deal with Pentagon Entertainment but soon after his first single was released the CEO of Pentagon was murdered.

Black continued to work with Honda and V.I.C. and even formed a group with Al Tariq and Problemz called Missing Linx. They released an EP via Stimulated Records / LOUD but he eventually found himself in the same spot he was in when he first started; nice as ever but with no deal.

That was then, and this is now. As Black puts it, "It’s a new day, the sun is up now, I’m back in town and my ones is up now". Black Attack’s latest release “Black Man” has been burning up the underground charts and has sold thousands of ringtones. “Black Man is a reintroduction of myself. Superman could leap over buildings in a single bound, right? Well Black Man can rip a track at the drop of a hat. It’s all me and what I’m about”.

Black Attack is back and the game is wide open. Look for Black Attack to solidify his spot as one of the best to ever do it.

Black Attack

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