Blue and Broke

Blue and Broke, a Belgium-based based group, are enhancing their music career further with their third studio album, named after the featuring the title track Night Shadows. This song features Henk Hofstede and settles on mysterious and soulful sounds to capture their listeners’ attention. This work follows Edward, Blue and Broke’s album inspired by Edward Hopper, an American artist. Continuing to be influenced by Hopper’s melancholy and mysterious paintings in their music, the group have, this time, shifted the musical theme so that it is more sonic rather than lyrical.

Creating a burst of appeal with creative energy, Blue and Broke also steal the hearts and minds of their listeners, perfecting every style they attempt due to their love of creating music. The band have indeed explored a range of moods and styles, from country-folk music to hard rock. Suited to an impressive variety of genres, it’s clear to see that Blue and Broke have a passion for their career, loving music and being tied to its history. The vocalist, Melissa Anthuenis, contributes a poetic intensity to the song, bringing the blend of instruments and beats together with her talented voice to finalise this piece of art.

With such a range of productions, it’s no surprise that this group have many different tastes in music that they are currently listening to. Presently, The James Hunter Six, Puggy, Eels, The Police, and The Black Pumas have made it onto Blue and Broke’s playlists, inspiring the group further to create a unique compound of sounds. Admitting that they would love to collaborate with Norah Jones and Zaz, the band are hoping to propel themselves further into the music industry shortly.

All Blue and Broke songs are written and composed by Pedro De Bruyckere and recorded at Daft Studios. Despite this, the band love having a hand in the music process as a joint effort. They respect the opinions of their co-workers, simultaneously advancing their own careers in the music industry. Impressively not needing music before the lyrics are created, Blue and Broke continue to develop their songs each time they step into a studio, making it no surprise that this group have already completed their third album, Night Shadows.

Playing in a wide range of places from living rooms to colossal theatres, Blue and Broke comment that they enjoy all of their musical performances, falling in love with the idea of sharing their music live as well as on social media. Social media has played a big part in the band’s career, helping them discover what a global range of people think about their music and allowing them to welcome increasing amounts of support. Creating more music as time goes on, we can certainly expect to see more from Blue and Broke soon.

Listen to Night Shadows today on YouTube.

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