Blue-Shakespeare Is Living The Single Life In His Song 'Weak'

Elansio Cesaire, a.k.a. Blue-Shakespeare, is a promising upcoming artist from Spring Valley, New York. He brings the true essence of hip-hop to his style of music while throwing in a little flavor of the new school.

Blue-Shakespeare describes his music as “boom-bap with a new twist.” Boom bap is a musical style that is focused around the timing and sounds of the snare and bass drums. It was a prominent style in the East Coast during the mid-1980s to the early 1990s, spearheaded by producers like J Dilla.

In his song ‘Weak‘, Blue-Shakespeare centers the track around the single and player lifestyle. The song relates to the ups and downs of being in a relationship compared to living the single life. He shares, “It has an early 2000s rap sound on the verse with a singing auto-tune style hook/chorus. It’s a club banger, and a party hit.”

Blue-Shakespeare’s writing process includes listening to the beat over and over again to catch a vibe. When the music speaks to him, the song writes itself. When it comes to production, he collaborates with upcoming talents by scouting them online. For now, Blue-Shakespeare has no album or EP in the works, but it’s something he’ll work on in the future.

Listen to Blue-Shakespeare’s ‘Weak’ on SoundCloud.

Blue Shakespeare

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