Blue-Shakespeare - Get It (Money)

Elansio Cesaire, better known as rapper Blue-Shakespeare, has been performing since the age of 21 in NY clubs and venues. He is well regarded for his ability to tap into the lyricism of the 1990s, delivering powerful stories with witty punchlines to listeners. Rap and hip hop lovers looking for an artist who brings out the true essence of the genre should look no further than breakthrough artist Blue-Shakespeare, who mixes lyrical genius with an old school style.

For extra flavour, he even throws in traces of new school vibes to create a thrilling contemporary style that has local critics buzzing. Born on the island of Haiti in 1985, Blue-Shakespeare grew up in Spring Valley, NY with an innate love of language as an art form. Beginning with poetry, he soon graduated to writing his own rap songs at the tender age of five years.

Blue-Shakespeare lists Jay-Z as his main influence, with Nas, KRS-1, Rakim, Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. coming up as close contenders. Back in 2012, he hit the scene with his debut project called “Pre-Cum: The Mixtape” which is a 19-track mixtape. Just two years later, he followed up with the “Poetic Justice” EP in the summer of 2014, which was then shortly followed up with the “Fertile” mixtape in Fall of 2014. After a few years of fatherhood, he returned sharper than ever with new singles such as “TOUCH” which was released on June 2019 featuring the singer Domenica Dee.

Get It (Money)” is Blue-Shakespeare’s newest single released June 2020. It’s a mix of witty NY street punchlines with a new school auto-tuned hook. Produced by LoopGoonz and featuring Smith Tripz, it’s the perfect song to vibe out to if you’re working out, cruising the streets, or nighting out at the club. The song is filled with alot of drive and energy. It was inspired by the mindset to go out and “Get It” no matter the odds – the perfect song to motivate you during this pandemic or when you need that extra firey energy to get things done! Let’s get it!

Blue Shakespeare

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