BMCdaMan - Why You Mad

Why You Mad‘ by BMCDaMan was created kind of spontaneously and unexpectedly because even though the artist came to the studio with a beat for this song, he had no intention to record it. However, after he heard it playing, the inspiration struck all of a sudden and within minutes the artist created this track.

The artist is mostly inspired by old school hip-hop, Punjabi music, rap and even some pop rock. With all of these different inspirations, BMCDaMan comes up with unique energy in his music that attracts his fans and connects with them on a high level.

The artist reveals that he will be releasing a new EP which will probably come out this summer.

BMCDaMan is looking forward to performing live because seeing new places and faces is very important to him.

BMCDaMan says that social media is the biggest tool for the artists in this generation and you have to find a way to make it work for you. He is thankful for his fans and their support because without them he would not be where he is now.

Listen to ‘Why You Mad’ on Spotify.

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