Bombay Monkey - 130 Astronauts CD [Lo Tek]

Bombay Monkey’s new album ‘130 Astronauts’ is the third in a “trilogy of four parts” following ‘Vanish’ (2005) and ‘Time Travellers’ (2006). Although ‘130 Astronauts’ is themed around space, the album title is actually derived from the number of space cadets that used to drop by at 130 St Johns Road in Tunbridge Wells, where Bombay Monkey first started making tracks together.

Bombay Monkey describe their sound as being, “not unlike alchemy, constantly searching for the perfect balance of numbers – high magic through high maths –  mixing the past with the present and the organic with the chemical”.

‘130 Astronauts’ features Rosko John, Mr Thing, Red Eye, Sound Sanctuary and The Origamis and was recorded at their own studio located on a very old farm in The Ashdown Forest, although the initial Bombay Monkey sessions were a very different story. Andy explains:

“Guy shared the flat (the ground floor of an old Victorian semi) with two rappers, Natty and Dwella, and a skater / graffer Jay. I'd turn up with an MPC 2000, a zip drive, and a stack of vinyl while Guy had a mini disc recorder, another stack of vinyl and a stack of DVDs and videos. In the summer, we'd work in the garden – a reasonably over-grown space that was just about far enough away from the road that we could record. In the winter it wasn't quite as easy. The flat was in a pretty bad state of disrepair with holes in the floor, a broken front door, no light in the bathroom and no heating anywhere. Winter recording was never as comfortable. We'd work in Guy's room using an oil radiator for heat when we could afford it and as many tea lights as we could find when we couldn't”.

Check out the video for 'Money Makes The World Go Round' here:

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