L.A. Pryce - Today I Feel Blessed

Today I Feel Blessed‘ by L.A. Pryce is a record based on real-life situations while growing up in the streets of Los Angeles. The artist says, ‘Even on my worst day, I’m still grateful to wake up on this side of the dirt. The majority of my fans can identify with the struggle behind my lyricism. Authenticity is the key, so keeping it as real as possible has never failed me. Coming from a negative environment and becoming a positive tool for the youth has inspired my fans to live through my music’.

L.A. Pryce gets inspired by East Coast Rap. Nas, Tupac, Eminem and many more artists have motivated him to be as versatile and different as possible. The artist was born in East Orange, New Jersey and raised in California, so his songs are about personal experiences and the struggles of every neighbourhood.

L.A. Pryce likes to freestyle when creating lyrics because the music gives him inspiration. He likes to use metaphors and witty wordplay. The artist writes all of the lyrics on his own, he created around 70 songs in jail, simply beating his chest with a fist and snapping his fingers.

The artist enjoys connecting with fans and other aspiring artists on social media and sends a warm message, ‘I want to say thank you to all my supporters. Some of them have watched my growth for the last two decades! I’ve been rapping for 25 years since I was 8 years old. Stay tuned for all the great music I’ll continue to bless you all with!’

Listen to ‘Today I Feel Blessed’ on Spotify.


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