Braincell Harmonics

I am from the green hills where the birds chatter and the old people are a force to reckon with. The local co-op is the hangout and a toot is the only way to stay sane in a place you love to hate. Without this rural experience I don’t think I could make the music I do, as I love to make hip-hop in the most un hip-hop of settings.

I have been actively producing music for about eight years now and enjoy a wide variety of music. With Braincell Harmonics I wanted to make music that I would listen to and also incorporate all the things I like about music from dusty loops to synth pop. Samples, beats, and rhymes are the order of the day.

Currently based in Manchester I have two albums with scope to make more, if you like my stuff then book me for shows email me: and look out for my stuff currently on itunes and other download sites.

Braincell Harmonics - For The Sound Of Mind

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