Brandon Saxon

Playing acoustic guitar in the woods of New Jersey was Brandon Saxon‘s  favorite pastime growing up. Since the age of 12 he’s been strumming guitars and visualizing what his album covers would look like. Finally, he’s making that a reality today as he records the songs he has written over the years and designs the artwork for his singles. Everything  is produced by him and you can feel through the music that he loves every second of it.

Besides music, he loves to hike and to travel. He’s currently living in the mysterious and whimsical state of Arizona. Day trips and yoga are on the agenda when he’s not recording. He loves and supports all creativity, love, and light.

Brandon wrote ‘Star Star Child‘ after a road trip across the country. He was full of inspiration and was riding a wave of creative energy. One night the stars had aligned and Star Star Child was born –  a song about star gazing, love, or whatever magical place your imagination takes you.

What connects his fans to this song is its ambiguity and musicality. The acoustic intro riff pulls you in instantly, and the entire song is uplifting yet deep at the same time.

Brandon Saxon

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