Breezy Lee - Hollow

Revorg Records are proud to present Hollow, a debut solo release from an artist with over fifteen years of writing and performing, including collaborations with some of the biggest and most respected names in UK underground music.

Breezy Lee is an award-winning singer and songwriter from South London. She is known across multiple genres as having not only an incredible voice, but an ability to write powerful and flawlessly crafted songs packed with personality and feeling.

Hollow will be released in June 2022. It is an emotional and energised set of writing produced by Kwake Bass and Wu-Lu, two of South London’s most exciting and creative musicians. The EP features three very different remixes from Youngsta and NomineFybe One and Benny Ill of Horse Power Productions.

Hollow boasts a heavy-weight line up and certainly packs a musical punch! This EP has been a long time in the making, beginning in 2018 with an intense series of epic, fourteen-hour studio sessions writing with Kwake Bass and Wu-Lu. Together they created a new sound and vibe for this very individual artist, Breezy Lee.

Hollow was made with love and is about the uncompromising nature of love. It features songs that are autobiographical and fantastical, with a deep sense of the emotional and more than a hint of the chaotic.

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