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Bresee Make Breezy, made up of Eric West and Mateo Lazo, continue to explore different sounds as a fresh, upcoming group, glued together by a strong friendship formed in 2013. Whilst growing up in separate environments, the band members manage to gel as one in their new song, Therapy, which is said to be the culmination of the band’s growth as both artists and men. Merging these two diverse rappers and their developed skill sets, this song also creates relatability for fans, delving into self-reflection, doubt, and coping methods. Human experience has been projected boldly in this track, even with a subtle mention towards the end of suicidal ideation. Listeners can interpret the vagueness of some of the lyrics for themselves, making it both an intriguing and powerful piece.

Bresee Make Breezy’s sound generally captures slick, suave, and smooth tones, although they love exploring other areas of music, with melody and song direction also being paid vital attention. Describing themselves as effortlessly Shaq and Kobe on instrumentals, this group hopes to make their mark on music further as they continue to develop their careers. Inspired by 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, and Tupac, Bresee Make Breezy focus on the legends of rap as well as artists like Usher, T Pain, and RKCB amongst others from various genres. The group is constantly striving for new, unique sounds, even currently listening to artists like Drake, Young Thug, and Remble amongst a long list of other inspirations that the boys love as the backing tracks of their daily lives.

Within their songwriting process, Mateo claims to have taken the lead with beat selection for their current album, aiming for premium sounds. Freestyling verses or creating hooks to build on is also not uncommon for this duo, with nothing being set in stone at the start of the process. Both artists claim that having music before creating lyrics can help, crafting them afterwards to perfectly marry them to the instrumental. Furthermore, the artists pride themselves on driving the creative process. With their own verses and own critique, Bresee Make Breezy states that everything besides beat production is entirely their doing.

So, what’s upcoming for this duo in the future? Their upcoming 12 song project, Bresee Make Breezy, is set to be released on Oct 1st, with fans anticipating the thrill that tracks including Therapy have to offer. The duo claims their list of who they would love to collaborate with is ever-growing, but specifically highlight xxtentacion, who has impacted the boys as artists with his artistic vision and level of diversity – something which Bresee Make Breezy hope to build on in the future. Continuing to brand their musical careers on social media, it’s clear that we can expect this duo to delve further into the music industry very soon. Keep a lookout for all the latest tracks from this duo, with the passion for what they do being reflected in each lyric.

Listen to Therapy today on Spotify.

Eric West

Mateo Lazo

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