Broken But You Made Me‘ by Gonedark feat. 47stillstanding is a powerful and touching song about being broken-hearted and in love. That one person you know you would do anything for, even if you are not with them. Fans can relate to this song because a lot of people experience being in love while hurting.

The artist’s musical influences are MGK, Jxdn, Juice WRLD and many more. Currently, the artist is listening to all kinds of music. He really digs alternative music, not only because it is his favorite genre, but also it helps to drive the artist’s inspiration.

Everything gonedark writes comes straight from the heart. It is not a complicated process at all, because the song lyrics come from whatever he is feeling at that moment. The artist says, ‘Music just sets the vibe. Lyrics are the story’.

Gonedark has plans to release an EP or full album next year, so fans should definitely look forward to that.

The artist sends a warm message to his fans, ‘From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much! By taking the time to listen to my songs you have no idea how much that means to me. You’re helping me make my dreams come true, thank you‘.

Listen to ‘Broken But You Made Me’ on Spotify.

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