Bryant Rowe - Bombshell

‘Bombshell’ by Bryant Rowe was created to strengthen people who have been going through tough times dealing with any type of racist or violent acts. It is supposed to send a message to the listeners that not everything is what it seems to be, and nothing is given freely in this world. You have to work hard to get it. Rowe believes that this song will be relatable to his fans because of how realistic it is. The lyrics are based on the artist’s life experiences and events. When the fans feel the connection between the artist and the song, they can connect to it as well.

The artist’s biggest musical influence is NAS, because of how emotional his music is. Rowe’s producer Young Fortune is also a huge inspiration for him to never give up and push through life.

When asked about his songwriting process, the artist is honest, ‘My songwriting process is my own pace. That’s what happens when you start by trying to build everything from the bottom instead of trying to get signed to a record deal. You can go at your own pace and you don’t have to be forced to rush‘.

Rowe is happy to have a team to help him produce his songs because it is hard to do everything alone. Depending on how the newest EP goes, he and the team are leaning towards releasing more music in the future.

The artist would like to thank his fans for all the love and support he is receiving. ‘I would’ve never known how great my music could touch others until all the love came with it’.

Listen to ‘Bombshell’ on Spotify.

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