Your Ex

BUT HER LOVE‘ by Your Ex is a song purely about infatuation and lust of others, self, money, life, the dangers and effects of giving in to something that you are unsure of. We all have a weakness for love. Some love is toxic, some love is…love. The artist says, ‘I don’t know a human that has never been infatuated with someone or something. You can’t control that sort of thing. Infatuation in most cases is short-lived, in my case, it became something I would eventually have to live with’.

The artist is really into the creative minimal, sometimes weird music like Flying lotus, Marconi Union, and Thundercat. The artist has created sounds and lyrics that sometimes won’t make it into a song but then sparks some of the best songs.

Your Ex usually starts the songwriting process by searching for sounds. On lazy days the artist just yells random things into the mic and samples it, some days it’s silence that sparks creativity, every day is different. For this particular song, Your Ex just started playing around with drums and layered sounds till a vocal melody sparked.

There will be a full album in the future but currently, the artist is just getting short stories out of the way.

The artist says, ‘I’m on social media mainly to spread some love and encourage anybody that relates to me or my music to do the same. Thank you for rock’n with me and there’s so much more to come’.

Listen to ‘BUT HER LOVE’ on Spotify.

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