Calling All Captains

Originating from small towns outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Calling All Captains are a pop-punk band with elements of post-hardcore music. The band consists of Luc Gauthier (vocals), Brad Bremner (guitar/vocals), Connor Dawkins (guitar/vocals), Nick Malychuk (bass) and Tim Wilson (drums).

The band’s unique sound allows them to dip their toes in both the pop-punk and post-hardcore realms using poppy instrumental elements with a punk-like, aggressive vocal style. Some of their musical influences are The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, A Day to Remember, Neck Deep, Seaway and Beartooth.

Calling All Captains is eager to finally share their new song, “Tailspin“, with the world. After their initial plans were halted in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic, the band was able to work with producer Quinn Cyrankiewicz, who also worked on their debut EP, ‘Nothing Grows Here’, to record “Tailspin”.

This song is about the slow, downward mental health spiral that happens to so many of us when we can’t find a way to help ourselves. We have a tendency to overthink anything and everything and refrain from asking for help out of fear of burdening friends and loved ones with our problems, which can quickly send anxiety and depression into an infinite feedback loop that builds up until it overwhelms you and leads to a full-on breakdown.

Fans connect to this song because with the current climate of the world, mental health issues are more prevalent now than ever before. A lot of people have been silently suffering and struggling to get the support they need to see a little light at the end of the tunnel. For those that can relate, hopefully this song will provide a little bit of relief and assurance that they’re not suffering alone.

Calling All Captains records their own demos and then sift through 20-25 songs to narrow down to 10 that fit together for an album. Once they’re ready to record, they do some pre-production sessions with their studio engineer and producer to iron out any kinks and rearrange structures to get the songs to where they need to be.

The band has a fluid dynamic where each member holds an untold responsibility for writing and being an asset to the band. Luc and Connor are the primary songwriters. Brad focuses on the technical elements. Tim concentrates on the beat while Nick envisions how the songs will perform live and which technical aspects will draw the crowds in.

According to Luc, “This collaboration allows the song to be relatable and personable to each member of the band”.

“Tailspin” is an energetic and emotional track that perfectly highlights the seamless collaboration of all of the members. Connor joins Luc on vocals and takes over a verse to add even more depth to an already technical track. To put it simply, they didn’t want any lull points. This hard hitting song is an exciting new track for the group, and will leave the listener wanting more from Calling All Captains.

When asked to describe their songwriting process, the band said: “There is no definitive process for each song. Some songs start with a riff or a melody, others start with an inspirational line of lyrics. Some are written with lyrics first, others start with instruments first. We let the songs reveal themselves however they decide to come”.

Their hometown in Edmonton, Alberta is one of their favourite places to perform because they have a very dedicated fan base in their hometown and love the energy their fans show. But besides that, after going from playing 100+ shows a year to none during covid, their favourite place to play now is anywhere, anytime.

The band’s current favourite album is “No Good Left to Give” by Movements because of the moody emo pop-punk sound to it. Their dream collaborations would be with any of their main influences or heroes growing up. Anyone from older artists like Mark Hoppus, Deryck Whibley and Benji Madden to newer ones like Caleb Shomo, Parker Cannon, Jeremy McKinnon, Joe Taylor.

Calling All Captains believe that they’re forever indebted to their fans for providing them with the opportunity to do things they never would’ve been able do without their fans’ support, such as playing on the Warped Tour, open for the Offspring, tour the UK and the USA, and meet all kinds of awesome people. They sincerely love and appreciate every single person that has ever supported them in their dream and thank them a trillion times!

The band says that social media is the biggest way to find and connect with fans, tell them about shows, new releases, merch, etc. They want to tell their fans to look forward to their first full length album “Slowly Getting Better” which will be released via New Damage Records and Equal Vision Records this fall.

Listen to ‘Tailspin’ by Calling All Captains on Youtube and Spotify.

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