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Tuesday, 12 November 2019
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Calling The Shots - DJ Crew Profile
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Written by Technique   
Friday, 20 April 2001

InnaLifeRymes with Reggie and Gyver
Jacko and Crew
DJ Judge and Tippa
Under 18's Get Down


Yea, I know what your thinking... "...So you Wanna be Ballers, Shotcallers...." (nah) 

Shotcallers are a UK based collaboration of DJ's and Artists... the reason the crew is named Shotcallers is because we don't want anyone else trying to water us down or make us compromise our love of our music, in other words "we call the shots"... 

As DJ's in this sound - we like to blaze the baddest Hip Hop tunes on the street - we cater strictly for the "Underground headz"... we spin all types of sh*t... take Hip Hop to each different level... West Coast, East Cost, UK, Dirty South - we even spin Ragga, RnB, Oldskool... basically there is a rawness in any type of music and the Shotcallers love that rawness - and that's what we promote regardless of its origin. Music without the politics, a lot of UK DJ's get caught up in the trap or trying to "cater" for a crowd and don't really get the satisfaction of catering for there own personal love for music...

If your not on that tip then that's fine... just don't try to hold us back...

And we take the same attitude on board when it comes to our personalities, were not going to wait about for Tim Westwood to give us a half hour appearance on Radio 1, were not gong to wait for a night club promoter to come up to us with a waste of time club slot - fuck it were gonna do it all ourselves!... Shotcallers cut and distribute our own mixtapes, promote our own dances we play on pirate radio, and we got our web site - that's the only problem with the UK Hip Hop scene - there are too many heads relying on industry people who really don't give a shit! Don't bother just do your own thing and let the true heads hear your talents!

So if your an artist reading this article right now - link us with you 12" or demo cause if its banging and you got talent then we are going to play it! Its all about mans linking mans and getting things done...

Thanks for reading my stuff - dj technique (& Shotcallers Army)

So when you finished taking a full look at Bri-tish's web site (gwan bigg up!) - come over and check out our web site as well... blazing Real Audio from WayoLife, InnaLifeRymes, Morels, Tippa, Technique, DJ Reggie, Muggie, Jacko, DJ Judge...


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