Presenting “The Cabin Fever EP” – the long-awaited first instalment of award-winning London rapper / producer / songwriter Carpetface‘s eclectic new EP series “Friends In High Places” produced in collaboration once again with French beatsmith extraordinaire Djar One (Beats House Records).

The release is a brutally honest seven track depiction of a single dad’s struggle to keep it together under 2020 lockdown, stuck in an isolated cabin missing fun and funerals as the world outside goes nuts. When asked about the EP Carpetfcae responded, “This one’s straight from the heart – it’s all about trying to stay sane under lockdown over 2020 and to be honest creating it literally saved me this year“.

Djar One’s jazz-heavy, head-nod boombap production sets a smoky scene for Carpetface’s often disturbing, yet highly relatable maze of mood-swings. Djar One also provides the cuts.

Despite the painful subject-matter, the EP brims with tongue-twisting lyrical dexterity, filthy fun-poking and pure Hip Hop guts. The end result is a deceptively enjoyable experience that misdirects the listener to a place of anguish and back, with an underlying theme of perseverance in the face of adversity throughout.

This record is testament to the cathartic value of Hip Hop expression, alternating between aggressive rants of sneering disgust at world-affairs and cries for help and forgiveness, literally climbing the walls in one man’s lonely quest for self-redemption. Following Nina Simone’s mantra “an artist’s duty is to refect the times“, while deeply personal on one hand, The Cabin Fever EP is also a call to spiritual arms in the global battle against racism, corruption and police / state brutality, at one of the most divisive and alarming periods in human history.

Lead singles from the EP include the not-so-festive sleigh bell infused “Done & Dusted (F*ck 2020)” which is perfect if you’re looking for an alternative Xmas-themed single to bid good riddance to one nasty year. “Secret Formula” – a dark, brooding track about facing demons with one bad trip of a music video dropping 4th Jan 2021. And the heavily shadow-banned “Def Defnition (No One Can Breathe)” which was released July 2020 to critical acclaim and support from independent press and radio. The online video promotion was then sadly censored due to depictions of police brutality, despite being a fundraiser for #StopHateUK and condemning unlawful violence.

The followup, Friends In High Places Volume 2 : “Lockdown / Blessup” is due for completion mid -Spring 2021 with Carpetface on more of a production role with a Hip Hop / Reggae crossover vibe features from special guests.

Carpetface also divulged, “[my] twisted 10 year-old did the cover artwork, he goes by the name #Jrt – animated music videos soon!“. The whole project is a Newbias / Beats House co-production and it is important to note that profits go to Carpetface’s non-profit label and arts-based youth support org:


Djar One:

Carpetface - Friends In High Places Volume 1: The Cabin Fever EP

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