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While Kentucky is known for producing some of the best marijuana in the world, the new Kentucky based rap group “Cash Crop” is here to produce and distribute some of the best chronic in the world through music! Cash Crop hits the scene with not just one, but two new albums along with their new hit single and video called “U See Da Boss” featuring Rick Ross!

The upcoming album(s) feature major artists such as Baby from Cash Money Records, Rick Ross of course, Freeway, Jim Jones, Devin Tha Dude, Sean Paul from the Young Bloods, Skinny Deville from Nappy Roots, Haystack and the list goes on.

Cash CropWith major talent, street credibility, cars, rims, pockets filled with money, power, and respect, the mid-west rap collective is on the fast track to becoming the next in line of Louisville artists to make their mark on the ever-evolving hip-hop industry. Cash Crop, as they are formally known, comprises an ensemble cast of some of the truest rap talent from the blue-grass (Hydro) state. Group members include the following:

Nick Terrentino, William Million, DG and JT “King Of The Lean” which is their in house producer.

Nick Terrentino and DG are the founders of Cash Crop Entertainment which is only one of many business ventures the two have entered together. DG Motoring is another business enterprise for the two and it has become a marketing vehicle for Cash Crops underground releases. They travel with DG Motoring around the United States to some of largest car shows and other events related to big rims, car grills, and loud sound systems (flossing and balling material basically). This is an industry where they have gained great notoriety and success.

It's not easy to be real. Being brutally honest and unreserved is not always the most popular route to take. However for Cash Crop, it's the only road they know.

The Cash Crop roots run as deep as the Red Sea and dates all the way back to the schoolyards and street corners of their native Bullitt County AKA Hydro / Meth City. DG, William, and Nick T all went to school together. They were always making music but it wasn't until they met JT, a local rapper from another clique called the “Cellar Boys” that they put together their debut album “Redneck Rich” in July of 2005, which was when Cash Crop was born!

Cash CropAfter the debut they went back to the lab (studio) and created their second album called “Forest Fire” which was released in Feb. of 2006. The album “Forest Fire” sparked the national attention of Warning magazine, and Black Noir resulting in a nice ad campaign for both Cash Crop and their company DG motoring.

They went on to appear on show bills with the Clipse, Paul Wall, and the Team Bully Tour. While they were hitting the underground scene pretty hard they figured it's about time to step their game up from underground, to radio, to national. They have been networking and studio hopping from ATL to Miami in search of the best music and video production that combines both the groups flash and street credited style.

To be specific, DG brings the reality and creative ideas to the table, William brings the gangster / street energy, JT brings a lot of character and soul with his production, and of course Nick T brings his miraculous swagger and signature style and flow to ice the cake.

That’s the formula that helps Cash Crop grow, and deliver the chronic After The Harvest. That’s the title of their 1st major debut as well. So from street to business, both getting and making a deal has never been a problem for these kingpins.

However, due to massive exposure (buzz), networking, and the music video “U See Da Boss” Featuring Rick Ross (which came from personal investment funds), Cash Crop has caught the attention of just about every major label in the United States. “We are go-getters, so we can’t depend on a label to pay for a video up-front (charge-back) for us,” says Nick Terrentino. “We have our own money, we just need a Sony, or a Universal to distribute the project out to the world and the rest is history!”

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