Cashless Society - Biography

Cashless Society, are one of Africa’s finest and most original Hip Hop groups. Coming out of the Jozi scene their debut album African Raw Material Vol 1. was released by Jozi based Unreleased Records.

The 7-piece Hip-hop outfit – comprised of X Amount, Crismo-D (aka. Criminal), Snazz tha Dictator, Fat Free, Draztik, Black Intellect and Gemini (and honorary member Tyrone a.k.a Tizeye) – combine their diverse musical talents and influences from across the continent to create a unique street and social commentary style for which the group is known.

In the past, Cashless Society has more than competently been billed alongside some of Hip-hop’s greats including Dead Prez, Talib Kweli, Black Thought, Blak Twang, Ready D and DJ Blaze.

The album was produced by members Draztik and Gemini and we think it is one of the tightest and most original albums to ever come out of the African continent.

Check out the new stuff… Dropping Late 2007!

Cashless Society

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