Cascade Shares His Most Creative Project To Date - Dance For Me

North West LDN (Stonebridge) rapper Casscade returns with his most creative project to date ‘Dance For Me’. Channelling influences from Kanye to Drake to Skepta ‘Dance For Me’ is a global looking rap/trap banger which dropped 26th May alongside a mini movie-like music video. The track was produced by German producer OUHBOY (with additional production at the end by Matt Grifasi) who has previously worked with Casscade on his track ‘Finesse.

The track starts with an atmospheric piano and acoustic guitar intro which sets the scene for story of infatuation, lust and obsession. The Latin-inspired instrumentation gives gangster movie feels, which blends nicely with the crispy beat and clever wordplay. Like much of Casscade’s work, there’s a melodic approach to his bars and a memorable chorus hook, nailing down its radio friendly vibe.

Explaining the story of the track Casscade explains: “The track is about a sinful lust I have for this woman that’s “danced” for me but I can’t get her infectious vibe out of my system. “We spoke in tongues” as I mention in the hook is just a metaphor for a kiss we shared, but after that she left me in the dark. It’s an unfinished business vibe”.

The release also comes equipped with a stunning music video shot in lush locations across the south (these include a manor house, theatre and forest). Depicting a dark yet beautiful narrative, these locations add to the grandiose feel of the music video. Not your run of the mill rap video, Casscade says: “I wanted to showcase art styles that you don’t see rap artists portray every day”.

‘Dance For Me’ represents an artist truly in his artistic groove, Casscade explains: “I’m at this point in my career where I want to manifest the artistry in my mind and the variety of things I like. I’m a music nerd. I’ll YouTube search like piano versions of tracks I really like so it was only right I had my own”.

Dance For Me‘ is out now.


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