Catalyst - Biography

Born and raised in the Bronx to a single mother and being the only child, is what shaped the career path of Catalyst. At an early age, the combination of having a mother at work and a curiosity for the streets gave a young Catalyst lessons in life. It later became obvious to all that Catty's music would be heavily influenced by his life experiences.

Touching on everything from money, women, street life, struggle, and pain. However, what would sound like more of the same from others comes off as authenticity in Catty's music. It is also a plus when you come from a family that has had musical talent passed down from generation to generation.

This also opened up the door for the debut album from Catalyst called "Perfect Timing". Having already had an extensive run in the music and fashion industry the timing couldn't have been any more perfect. With collaborations from Circle Ent., Spitfya ent. and the smash hit "Get Rich, Get Fly", Catty's buzz will only grow from here and a record deal with a major is only a matter of time.


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