Phaze Jackson

Phaze Jackson is known for his melodic sound, swarming vocal harmonies and catchy hooks. Unlike most artists, he didn’t find music, music found him. He tries to not listen to many artists as a way to develop his own sound, and what comes naturally to him.

Phaze Jackson and Bat Boy Bankie team up to bring you “Caution“. With hard driven production from Ransom Beatz and catchy melodies from Phaze Jackson and Bat Boy Bankie, this song is sure to make your head nod. The quality of production of the vocals and melody leave the listeners hooked.

Phaze Jackson employs a free-form style of songwriting. He will often hum or come up with melodies first, and then put words to the recorded melodies to complete the song. He  plays a very large part in the production of his music. He assists the producer by telling him what sounds he’s looking for. He can also record, mix and master his own music.

The artist hopes to collaborate with Post Malone and Travis Scott one day, as well as R&B singer H.E.R, as he loves their vocal melodies and harmonies. He is currently working on a full length project set to drop in 2022. He has performed at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas. It was his most memorable performance as he was able to sing infront of different kinds of crowds, and listen to other up and coming artists.

Social media is an important way to connect with his fans as it gives them access to see things going on in hos life that they normally wouldn’t. It’s also a great way to find new fans and be able to directly connect with both new and current fans.

The artist is eternally grateful to everyone who has supported his music. He said: “It feel great to know that people love the art that I put out, and that it can make their day better”.

Listen to ‘Caution’ by Phaze Jackson and Bat Boy Bankie on Spotify.

Phaze Jackson

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