Central City

Central City are here to bring the fun, not to mention the funk, back into hip hop. The duo from Long Beach, California release their second album, Floss, on their very own Plush imprint. And, like all the greatest artists, they are motivated by their desire to create the sort of music they love.

"We are inspired to do what we do because we don't hear enough of what we like to hear", they say. Amen to that, we say!

So what is it that Central City like to hear? "Head-bobbin Hip Hop-Funk!" And that's exactly what they deliver. This sophomore effort is a throwback to the block party ethos that made hip hop what it was. Central City are not dictated to by the fashions of the day and they do not just follow one musical path. Their influences range far and wide and, from the old-skool funk of Bootsy Collins and George Clinton right through to the lyrical mastery of Tupac and Kanye. And these influences can be heard right across this record.

Central City - FlossCentral City are always learning, both from each other and from what they hear around them. "We produce and engineer, so we are constantly challenging ourselves and each other to get more out of our craft", they say. Not only that, but producer Kneena and rapper SG are hard-workers to boot. Kneena created his own record label, Plush Records, so that he could release the sounds he was cooking up, without having to compromise.

And there is no compromise in the Central City sound. This record may be about "partying and having fun", but there is a message in the music too. "Our style is not hardcore, but we do tackle hardcore subjects in a fun and relevant way", says SG.

The ethos is obviously working as Central City are securing radio play across the States and collecting a fair helping of praise from the press along the way.

However, such success is not the be all and end all for Central City: "I want to bring some substance to our craft", says Kneena. "I truly desire to wind up making a difference somewhere". If you like funky rhythms, intelligent rhymes and good ol' fashioned party hip hop, then Central City will make a difference to your life.

Central City

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