Born and raised on the Northside of Houston, Texas, Chamillionaire is the latest of a string of talented MC’s from the Dirty South to break it massive stateside. He is a former member of Swisha House, the crew and label responsible for Mike Jones and Paul Wall.

He earned his alias ‘The Mixtape Messiah’ for independently selling over 100,000 of his underground CD release ‘Get Ya Mind Correct‘, as well as selling thousands of other titles including ‘The Truth’ with G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid and ‘Big Business’ with Shady/Aftermath Recording artist Stat Quo.

ChamillionaireChamillionaire also received positive coverage in XXL and The Source with no major-label backing. His reputation as one of Houston’s tightest and most lyrical MC’s can be heard all over his solo ‘major label’ debut ‘The Sound Of Revenge’. Featuring a string of artist’s including Scarface, Lil Flip, Lil Wayne, Bun B, Pastor Troy and more, the album also features some solid production from Mannie Fresh, Scott Storch and The Beat Bullies amongst others.

Now in 2006, Chamillionaire is set to put his imprint ‘Chamillitary Records’ at the top of the rap game with backing from his team which includes former Swisha House DJ OG Ron C and his brother and rapper Rassq, as well the mighty Universal Records. Chamillionaire is the ‘truth from Houston’ and the next MC to blow.

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